Weekend Comedy

A Comedy

By Sam Bobrick & Jeanne Bobrick

Two Acts

One Set – Vacation Cabin

2 Characters – 2 men, 2 women

A couple in their mid-fifties and a couple in their mid-twenties have accidentally rented the same cottage for a three-day weekend. They decided to share it. The older couple is married, the younger couple is not. We watch the comedic clash between generations and ideas.


FRANK & PEGGY – A couple in their early fifties

JILL & TONY – A couple in their mid-twenties


The following are reviews from a production directed by the author in Calgary, Canada.

“Laughs are 24 Karat gold” Louis B. Hobson, Calgary Sun

“An effective new entry on the sprightly side such as this one is very welcome.” Quin, Weekly Variety

"Humor, pathos emerges in "Weekend Comedy." Robert Eisele, After Five

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Published by Samuel French

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