At the beginning of my career I dabbled in song writing. After several years of limited success I chose to buy groceries over the need to express my rhyming ability and turned to TV writing, vowing never to write songs again, but then came The Cow Pies.

The Cow Pies “Totally Twisted Country” is my latest musical endeavor (2011). It's a comedy country and western CD that I wrote with my son Joey and it turned out great. Some of the titles are real attention grabbers — “Will My New Boobs Go To Heaven”, “Red Neck Blues”, and the all around crowd pleaser, “The Fart Song”. Go to to hear samples and watch our music video. The CD or MP3 downloads of the album or individual songs is available at CD Baby. MP3 downloads are also available at iTunes and Amazon.

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Here are some of the highlights of my early music writing career.


The Girl of my Best Friend — Written with Beverly Ross. (1960) Recorded by Elvis Presley in his “Elvis Is Back!” album. It was a top ten song in England when Presley released it as a single. It was also recorded by Bryan Ferry in his “Taxi” album in the late 90's.

To Love Someone — Written with Norman Blagman. (1961) Recorded by Ral Donner. This made it to number ten on the charts. I never got paid a penny for the record. Coincidentally the label it was released on was called GONE. And it is.

It'll Never Be Over For Me — written with Norman Blagman sometime in the early 60's and not too long ago covered by Los Lobos. My son, a big fan of the group, was very impressed and for a few days actually thought I was cool.


MAD Twists Rock 'N' Roll — Written with Norman Blagman. This album was originally made for RCA but then later sold to MAD Magazine. It included great classics like “Please Betty Jane When Are You Going To Shave Your Legs?” and “She Got A Nose Job”.

Fink Along With MAD — This follow up included “It's A Gas” which was a series of music riffs and belching and believe it or not it still gets played now and then on the Howard Stern show. “Loving A Siamese Twin” was also on that album.

I believe both albums came out in the early sixties. It was endeavors like this that brought my music career to an abrupt but necessary halt. Still, it was fun.