The Joy of Pain and Suffering

A Comedy

By Sam Bobrick

Two Acts

One Set — The play takes place in several areas on the stage and requires no formal set.

7 Characters — 2 men, 5 women

Preston Wilcox, a very decent but dull husband, is told by his wife Noreen that she wants a divorce because at this point in her life, decency and dullness is not what she needs. Alan, Preston's brother, a total bad boy but fun person, who has been carrying on an affair with Noreen, explains to Preston that the reason women are attracted to “bad boys” is because they believe they are the one woman who can change him. Preston decides to follow in his brother's footsteps and takes a shot at being a “bad boy”. Although maybe not politically correct, there is more truth to the premise than not.


PRESTON WILCOX — A naïve man in his early thirties

NOREEN WILCOX — His wife, also in her early thirties

ALAN WILCOX — Preston's slightly older brother

BETSY — An innocent young woman in her mid-twenties

FELICIA — A woman in her mid-thirties with a lot of hard mileage

DR. TAMMY — A radio talk show host in her late thirties

NURSE JULIA — An attractive woman in her late twenties

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