Remember Me?

A Comedy

By Sam Bobrick

Two Acts

One Set – An elegant living room

4 Characters – 2 men, 2 women

On the surface it seems that Mary and Brian Hanson, a couple in their late forties - early fifties, have what appears to be a very comfortable marriage. They seem to have it all. They live in a gorgeous apartment, their children are grown and gone and they pride themselves on being best friends. But though content, the marriage has grown tired. And then one morning while Brian is playing tennis, their lives are turned upside down when Mary's old college boyfriend, Peter, shows up... or does he? Although Peter takes Mary in his arms, professes his undying love and devotion and begs her to forgive him for breaking her heart many years ago, he turns out to simply be Mary's fantasy. But fantasy or not, that doesn't keep Brian from going into a jealous rage. To make matters worse, Peter won't go away. Brian tries everything to shake Mary back to her senses, even going as far as hiring Tori, a sexy young actress to pose as his fantasy in hopes of making Mary jealous. Things get even more complicated when the real Peter actually shows up. All of this on what was supposed to be an ordinary Sunday.


MARY HANSON – An attractive woman in her late forties

BRIAN HANSON – Mary's husband, a few years older

PETER LAWRENCE – An old college boyfriend of Mary's

TORI CLARK – A young actress in her early twenties.


"Wacky farce... Crackles with punchy one liners." Robert Trussell, The Kansas City Star

"The laughter rolled on like the echo of thunder." Taylor Pero, The Entertainer

"You just won't be able to forget it." Marie Asner, Wednesday Magazine

"No one will leave the theatre unhappy." James Loutzenhiser, Dispatch Tribune and Olathe Daily News

"A delightful classic of boulevard comedy." Alan Hoskins, Kansas City Kansan

"The audience is swept away." Dennis Minich, Sun Publications

"Fabulous theatre." Ron Simonian, Pitch Magazine

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Published by Samuel French

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