Welcome to my Head

By Sam Bobrick

2 Acts

The Set — A New York apartment, a nice but sparsely decorated living room

5 Actors, 9 Characters — 4 men, 1 women

George Raymond, a playwright, discovers that the life he's living is actually the play he is currently writing and he is not sure what is real and what is not. The play takes us through a writer's difficulty, his uncertainty and his insanity as he is determined to provide the audience with a completed and satisfying play as well as trying to make heads or tails out of his parallel life.


GEORGE RAYMOND — The writer — A man in his mid-thirties

JOE — A stagehand

BOB — A stagehand

ERIN RAYMOND — George's very attractive wife

CHUCK BRADLEY — George's agent in his mid-thirties

SYBIL — Joe dressed as a woman

DR. ZABAR — A Psychiatrist played by Joe

DR. SHUMAK — A Psychiatrist played by Bob

HAMLET — The tragic prince played by Bob

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