The Spider or The Fly

A Mystery-Drama

By Sam Bobrick

Two Acts

One Set — A one room NYC brownstone apartment

4 Characters — 2 men, 2 women

In this unique psychological thriller two stories unfold simultaneously in the same space but in different time frames. Maura and Scott, a couple in their early to mid-thirties, meet while serving jury duty on a murder trial and get romantically involved with each other. As their relationship develops, they discover they adamantly disagree on what the verdict should be. They also realize that each is not the person the other thought they were. At the same time their story is being played out to its frightening climax, Jan and Tom, another young couple who have just met, weave through their unusual relationship that strangely enough has ties to the same murder case. "A wonderfully crafted story, the mind-bending plot keeps you on the edge to its chilling denouement".


MAURA — In her early thirties. She goes out of her way to hide her good looks

SCOTT — Also in his early thirties. He has a boyish charm

JAN — In her late twenties - early thirties. Somewhat naive

TOM — In his early thirties. Calm, interesting, a bit mysterious


“Mysterious and very humorous. Bobrick's plot keeps us on the edge to its chilling denouement. A wry commentary on whether a writer's primary responsibility is to entertain or to provoke.” — L.A. Weekly

“Scintillating and tantalizing. Never is there a lull or a dull moment. Bravo for a job well done. A ten out of ten.” — L.A. Tolucan Times.

“Lively, entertaining and intelligent. Genuine surprising twists and turns. A delectable and delicious new play.” — NoHo News.

“Wonderfully crafted story. Intriguing.” — L.A. Valley Star.

“Keeps the audience guessing until the final moments and beyond. Prompted plenty of chatter during scene changes. Plenty to challenge an audience that's ready to stay sharp in their attention to the action unfolding before them.” — Keith Waits, Arts Louisville, Kentucky

“A slick thriller to keep audiences glued to the edge of their proverbial seats. Beautifully crafted.” — April Bartlett, St. Albert Gazette, Edmonton, Canada.

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Published by Samuel French

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