Splitting Issues

A bunch of short dark plays — 9 to be exact

By Sam Bobrick

Two Acts

One Set - Very suggestive - chairs, benches, etc.

28 Characters - 15 men, 13 women
(This play can be done with as few as six actors.)

Act I

Splitting Issues

A couple invite their best friends over to tell them they are splitting up.

Do You Come Here Often?

A couple meet at a singles dance.


A man offers to give his wife back to her ex-husband.

May I Recommend the Crow?

A woman meets her ex-husband in a fancy restaurant. He now works there as a waiter because the divorce cleaned him out.

Act II

Clearing the Air

A couple attempts to ward off any building or hidden anger that might arise in their relationship by starting off the day by swearing at each other.

Bingo Bango

A man goes to the museum to pick up women.

Dinner with Friendly Neighbors

A couple take their new and much too friendly neighbors to dinner and scare the hell out of them.

Hollywood Love Story

Two couples realize they are wrong for each other.

The Failure

A man reflects on his life to the annoyance of his wife.


This may turn out to be too long an evening for most theaters and several sketches may be cut at the directors discretion.


“Fun and Fresh... Bobrick's writing is observant, fresh and funny. This is the type of show where there is something for everyone.” Trish Ostroski — Tolucan Times

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Published by Samuel French

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