Resting In Pieces

A Comedy

By Sam Bobrick

Two Acts

One Set — A funeral chapel

16 Characters — 11 men, 5 women

The play is a memorial service for a very despicable human being. It is a bawdy, lewd, outrageous piece that does not shed a good light on anyone, man or myth. It is definitely not for a family audience or anyone holding on to the fabled notion that in this world we live in there is still such a thing as common decency. You may be shocked, you may be angered, you may be shocked again. On the other hand, it is funny.


LUCAS GRISWALD — A Minister — early thirties

MILDRED KLING — The deceased's current wife — late thirties

SUE ANN KLING — The deceased's daughter — late thirties

JORDAN KLING — The deceased's son — late twenties

FRANK KLING — The deceased's brother — early fifties

RITA KLING — The deceased's second wife — early forties

JEB SPAWN — An employee of the deceased — mid forties

RUBY KLING — The mother of the deceased — early seventies

JACK DONOVAN — Chief of Police — late forties

MISTRESS SHIRLEY — A dominatrix — early thirties

BERNIE BEATRICE BAYER — The deceased's male lover — late thirties

EDWIN SITZ — The County Coroner — mid forties

DENNIS KEMPLER — A mortuary employee — early thirties

MAYNARD OATS — The deceased's accountant — mid forties

LEONARD CHESTER KLING — The deceased — mid fifties

IRWIN GOLDFARB — A lawyer — mid fifties

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