New York Water

A Comedy

By Sam Bobrick

2 Acts — 4 Scenes

4 minimal sets

2 Characters — 1 man, 1 woman

Linda Shoup, a receptionist and Albert Hives, a CPA, two New York singles who have just met, feel they have been held back by the city. We follow them as they try to make a go of it in Davenport, Iowa, Los Angeles and then, no longer together, meeting back in New York. While Linda turns out to be a dynamo with killer instincts, even becoming a major player in the movie business, poor Albert finds himself falling further and further down the ladder of success. Although his love for Linda is overwhelming, Albert slowly comes to realize he is no match for her.




(A couple in their mid-thirties)

The sets are suggestive; Linda's New York apartment, their modest Davenport home, their LA mansion and finally a vacant New York apartment.


“… a laugh a line … something serious to say about relationships, values and the quality of life…” — Ursula Albert, Lewiston Maine Sun Journal

“If you believe a good laugh is worth its weight in gold, you'll emerge richer than ever… goes non-stop, from simply hilarious to screamingly funny… Lighten your day or brighten your night but don't miss this show.” — Ingrid Wilmot, Willcall.Org

“Award winning playwright Sam Bobrick again demonstrates his keen eye for the hilarious in the mundane… A rollicking play which crackles with truth.” — Elaine Mura, Splash Magazines, Nov. 11, 2017

“Bobrick's Water' Soars!&hellip Bobrick's flair for the written word and ear for the funny bone, shines on… ‘New York Water’ hits all the right chords as it takes the lucky theatergoer on a journey of the heart and mind… After watching ‘New York Water’, the live-theatre watcher is left breathless for more of what Sam Bobrick brings to his table of delight for all of us to heartily ingest with what it means to be alive.” — Herbie J. Pilato, HerbieJPilato,, Oct 30, 2017

“Two hours of constant belly laughs… Had the audience howling with laughter from start to finish.” — Shari Barrett,, Oct 26, 2017

“Just sit back and enjoy this wicked and wonderful ride… Run! Run! And take someone who finds delight in unusual personalities.” — Joe Straw,, Nov 1, 2017

“New York or Los Angeles… or perhaps somewhere in between? This profound dilemma is explored by playwright extraordinaire Sam Bobrick… A witty, humorous love letter to New York… Deep revelations and gutsy insights are gleaned from the play's rich, flowing dialogue and incredibly true to life scenarios… Smart, funny, and contemporary… Offers a laugh a minute, though also bring serious insights on relationships, shared values and the quality of life… and New York water!” — Bonnie Priever, Curtain Up, Nov 28, 2017

“A laugh a line…Something serious to say about relationships, values and the quality of life.” — Ursula Albert, Lewiston Main Sun Journal

“NEW YORK WATER is dynamic… dishes up a full serving of relationship twists and tangles and had us laughing in the aisles.” — Diane Chase, Westport New York Theatre critic

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Published by Samuel French

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