L.A. Deli

A Play Consisting of Twelve Sketches

By Sam Bobrick

Two Acts

One Set — A Los Angeles Deli

6 Actors Needed — 3 men, 3 women
26 Characters – 19 men, 7 women.

Author's Note:

In one way or another, all sketches deal with show business. Some of the events depicted in these sketches I have actually experienced, some of them other people have experienced and some of them are totally fabricated. After living many years in Los Angeles and working in the entertainment business for most of them, I am not sure which it is.

L.A. Deli Quotes

L.A. DELI was first produced in an equity waver production at the Lee Strasberg Institute in Los Angeles, March 21 &,dash; April 27, 2014 and received excellent reviews. Below are some of the quotes.

“Let's not mince words. Sam Bobrick's new comedy is solid, lively, fast paced and filled with so much truth it hurts.” — Joe Straw, Blogspot.com

“A most delicious L.A. Deli…hysterically funny….In choosing a comic approach to illuminating the fads and foibles and disappointments inherent in the industry, he (Bobrick) leaves us laughing, but at the same time makes us aware of the ends to which one must go in the pursuit of that elusive brass ring and the elusive nature of staying in the winner's circle.” — Beverly Cohn, Splash Magazine.

“This is the kind of work that leaves you with a lot of thought.” — Rose Desena, The Los Angeles Post.org

“Satire on wry is served up with style‚Ķsardonically hilarious encounters….” — Lee Spindle, FrontiersLA.com

“… a wicked and hilarious look inside show business.” — Shari Barrett, Broadway World.com

Act I

The Pitch

A writer pitches a movie idea that he feels is his greatest work to a producer who insists on changing it as the writer tells the story.

The Agent & The Actor

A very aggressive agent attempts to steal a hot young actor away from another agency.

The Big Lie

A beautiful, young and very upset wife confronts her much older husband with the news that she has just discovered he has lied to her about his age. He's much younger than he told her and now she's going to have to wait much longer to become a rich young widow.

The Funeral

Two friends return from the funeral of a much hated studio executive who was murdered.

The Agent's Wife

An agent, who has been very responsible for a writer's success, has arranged for the writer to meet with his ex-wife who he is still having sex with to listen to a great story idea she has. The idea is horrendous, but she refuses to take "no" for an answer.

The Contract

A rich studio executive who is involved with a younger woman meets with a man he plans to hire to kill his wife.

Forever Young

An agent meets with a seemingly young actress and begs her to stop having plastic surgery.

Act II

The X's

Two women meet and discuss all their ex-husbands.

The Team

A writer who is fed up with his writing partner always getting the best of him decides to split up the team and go on his own.

The Firing

After working for a studio for thirty-five years, a loyal studio executive is fired by new management.

After the Screening

Two Producers realize they have just made the worst movie ever and now have to figure out who to blame for it.

The Waitress

After having her dreams of Hollywood stardom come to nothing, her ex-husband from Boise shows up and asks her to come home with him.


L.A. Deli Theme Song

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