Hamlet II

A Comedy

By Sam Bobrick

Two Acts

One Set – The Royal Castle in Elsinore

13 Characters – 11 men, 2 women

The parts can be doubled up. Women can play some of the male parts

Hamlet, but with a happier ending. Guildenstern and Rosencrantz are Groucho and Harpo, Ophelia is a slut and Hamlet is a pest. If you've had trouble grasping the intent of Shakespeare's classic endeavor, this should clear it up once and for all. The text remains very true to good old Will's basic fundamentals. The play is frequently performed in high schools and colleges as well as by professional theatre groups.


HAMLET – Prince of Denmark

GRETRUDE – Queen of Denmark. Hamlet's mother

CLAUDIUS – King of Denmark - Hamlet's uncle

GHOST – Ghost of Denmark - Hamlet's father

HORATIO – Hamlet's best friend

POLONIUS – Lord Chamberlain

LAERTES – Son to Polonius

OPHELIA – Daughter to Polonius

ROZENCRANTZ – A college friend of Hamlet's


FRANCISCO – A soldier

BERNARDO – Another soldier

GRAVEDIGGER – A gravedigger


Spindletop Productions – June 18 - July 10, 2000 at Rocco's Sag Harbor, New York

“Falling out of your seat hilarious... a lot of sincere fun and high-level performances. Just the right ticket for a summer in the Hampton.” Lee Davis, South Hampton Press

“A brilliant spoof. You will love this silly sassy production. The play keeps moving and getting laughs.” Debbie Tuma, East Hampton Independent

“Hamlet II is a hoot... a youthful energetic send-up of Shakespeare's classic. It's a laugh a minute... The action is fast, funny and furious.” Gaby Rodgers, East Hampton Star

Amazon.com review of text: Rating - 4 Stars

“If Hamlet was taught like this in school, every kid would love it. I recently played Horatio in a production of this and heard some of the longest laughs I have ever heard on stage. One of Sam Bobrick's best.”

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Published by Samuel French

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