Death In England

A Mystery Comedy

By Sam Bobrick

Two Acts

One Set – An elegant living room

Eight Characters – 5 men, 3 women

Death pays a call to an English household and discovers he's come to the wrong house. This is the first time he has ever made such a mistake. Slowly he comes to realize that people are dying without his help. He feels totally usurped and helpless. Suspecting treachery of the highest magnitude, England's most cunning detective, Inspector Edward Mirabelle, is called in to get to the bottom of things.


MICHAEL HEDGES – A well bred man in his early fifties

DEATH – A good looking man in his mid-thirties

JANE – The Hedges maid in her mid-thirties

IRENE HEDGES – Michael's wife in her late forties, early fifties

INSPECTOR MIRABELLE – One of Scotland Yard's finest in his mid-fifties

MISS CONSTANCE LAWSON – A lady of the night in her mid-thirties

ALFIE CROWN – A landlord in his mid-forties to mid-sixties

JONATHAN PIKE – A sinister stranger in his mid-thirties to mid-fifties


Good naturedly twists the Agatha Christie - style murder mystery genre. Bobrick has a wickedly clever sense of humor and the laughs pile up vigorously and hilariously as DEATH IN ENGLAND wends its way through it's remarkable premise to its unexpected (and wholly satisfying) conclusion." - NY Theatre.Com 2000-1 Theatre Season Review - Vital Theatre Company

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Published by Samuel French

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