Dancing with Emily Sue

By Sam Bobrick

Two Acts

One Set – A bare stage with necessary props

8 Characters – 3 men, 5 women

A comatose man in a strait jacket, who is very satisfied being in the condition he's in, is visited by people in his life who seem to blame him for his ending up the way he has. He is then given the opportunity to return to normal. He realizes he will have to become a totally different person to make his life work again. Surprisingly this does not please anyone.


HARVEY OGDEN – A man in his early fifties

BARBARA OGDEN – Harvey's wife, in her late forties

IRENE OGDEN – Harvey's mother, looks in her fifties

DEBBIE OGDEN – Harvey's daughter, in her early twenties

NURSE DARLENE – In her early thirties

DR. MICHAEL BOYER – In his early forties

ROGER DAWSON – Harvey's ex-partner, in his late forties

EMILY SUE HOPKINS – Seventeen, sweet, and pretty

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