Are You Sure?

A Psychological Drama

By Sam Bobrick

2 Acts

One Set – An upscale living room

Six Characters – 3 men, 3 women

A murder mystery (or is it?) that takes place in someone's mind (or does it?) How much is actually happening, how much isn't. Who is who, what is what? A case of shifting realities. The play mixes comedy with high suspense as the audience tries to figure out what to believe and who to believe. Does David want to kill Caroline? Does Caroline want to kill David? One thing is for sure, someone did it. The reviews were excellent. (Authors note: "I got a headache writing it!")


CAROLINE – An attractive woman in her mid-forties

DAVID – A handsome man in his mid-forties

STEFANIE – A beautiful girl in her early twenties

SIMON – A man in his mid-sixties

MARIE – A maid in her mid-sixties

CHARLEY – A good looking man in his mid-thirties


“In ARE YOU SURE?, Sam Bobrick has used his considerable experience and dexterity as a playwright to thread the lines between the indefinite categories of reality and seriousness, even between theatre and fact.” Lawrence Chiston, LA Times

“A clever and literate Rubic's cube. Pick of the Week.” Anne Haskins, LA Weekly

“A Chinese ring trick… fantastical phantasmagoria…” Polly Warfield, Drama Logue.

“A lucidly crafted play.” Laura Hitchcock, Hollywood Reporter.

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Published by Samuel French

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